I’ll admit, downtime is not easy for me to enjoy. Having something to do keeps my mind busy. That’s probably why I don’t do yoga. I mean, I wear the pants almost every day. Isn’t that enough? I did T R Y yoga once. Bending into awkward positions while being told to focus on my breathing is just not enjoyable for me.

I admit I did feel better after my one yoga experience. But then, I also feel better after the doctor finishes with my pap test. It doesn’t mean I enjoy it!

But I digress.

I’ve been in Texas for about a week and a half. It’s involved a lot of downtime. One thing about doing what I do for a living, I can do it from the road. It’s nice to have that kind of flexibility! Whether I’m doing my news, recording a commercial, or copywriting for a client, I can do it from my home studio, a hotel at the beach, or our apartment in Texas. Right now it’s from Texas and, as I said, I’ve had a lot of downtime.

During the day, I’ve been able to take naps, do dishes, fold laundry, and read. I get naps at home too, but I tend to feel guilty afterward. I don’t generate many dishes when I’m by myself at the house. The same can be said for laundry. And managing our entire house in Buffalo is not the same as keeping a tiny apartment running in Texas.

I don’t know why I feel so guilty about it. Downtime is supposed to be good for you. When you Google the word “downtime,” the very first result offers this as an example of a sentence using the word: “everyone needs downtime to unwind.” See? When Google tells you that everyone needs downtime, it’s the law.

Today my downtime was a little more productive than usual. I didn’t get a nap or do any laundry. But I did get a lot of work done on this website. I wrote this blog. I transferred my domain. Those are all things that needed to be done, but I probably wouldn’t have found the time to do during the normal busyness of my life. Why does everyone (me included) think downtime must be related to napping or crossword puzzles?

Oh, and I almost forgot! I did squeeze in a Hallmark Christmas movie this afternoon. I’m pretty sure that’s also the law.

How do you spend your downtime? Do you fight it like I do, or is it something you embrace?

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